The Beer Diaries @ Alamo Drafthouse

The Beer Diaries @ Alamo Drafthouse

The Beer Diaries are coming to the new Alamo Drafthouse at Lakeline!

*******Beers included with your purchase of a ticket for the feature!

Can’t complain about that!

Some of the brewing co. include:

Live Oak Brewing


Infamous Brewing Co.


Odell Brewing Company

Odell Brewing Co out of Fort Collins, CO has recently come to Austin Texas!

Has anyone had the pleasure of trying some?

Here’s a link to some of there other videos on Youtube!

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The Beer Diaries

These guys are awesome! They have some really interesting videos. This sounds too good to be true! Traveling around the world and documenting breweries and the stories behind the scenes!

Where have you traveled, that had a beer that you will never forget?!


This video makes some very valid points for our local craft brewery’s!
Check out some of his other videos!

Remember think local and there is always a new beer to try out there!


Does this give you a new way of looking at things? Or something you already thought about, maybe when you go visit other places?

New Whole Foods in the Domain! Over 50 Beers on Draft!


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Have you checked this out yet? Does this compare to the one downtown?

New kids on the Block!




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Building a Brewery