Building a Brewery


15 thoughts on “Building a Brewery

  1. Starting a brewing company is a ton of work. You’d have to be willing to practically live at the brewery, especially in the beginning. Brewing can be so sensitive and to really hone your craft, you’d have to be willing to spend a lot of time on it. I don’t have the passion for it.

  2. Wow that’s really cool. I am not sure if I could start my own brewing company but I sure would love to try to brew my own beer at some point in time. I love to cook and brewing beer seems like something I would like to cook up. Thanks for the info!

  3. good video,.. I like the fact that their are people out there who care about what they make and how they make it,. not to mention the good people you work with who believe in you and your product.Very hard to find these days,.not to mention the process you go through to get licensed and how they say approved ,, location location location is another How many different beers are out there., ?

    • lol you are right about that! It is very difficult to find those type of people these days. I have no idea how many different beers are out there it is hard enough to keep up with all that Austin is putting out there!
      Theres always a new beer to try or company to explore.

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