This video makes some very valid points for our local craft brewery’s!
Check out some of his other videos!

Remember think local and there is always a new beer to try out there!


Does this give you a new way of looking at things? Or something you already thought about, maybe when you go visit other places?


6 thoughts on “Locapour

  1. Yeah although I’m not a huge fan of beer, I do think the idea of supporting the community with buying local products is right on the money. It makes 100% sense that the brew would taste better because its not being shipped coast-to-coast so the been stays fresh. Nice post, what local brews are you into?

  2. Not a huge beer drinker, then I went to the Beer festival DT last year. I’m a beer convert now! Loved a Pecan Porter that I tried and a Citrus beer. Really fun. Great post.

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