The Beer Diaries

These guys are awesome! They have some really interesting videos. This sounds too good to be true! Traveling around the world and documenting breweries and the stories behind the scenes!

Where have you traveled, that had a beer that you will never forget?!


7 thoughts on “The Beer Diaries

  1. I have not traveled very far but one of my favorite places to go to to enjoy a beer is in Luckenbach, Texas! I enjoy the atmosphere and being outside! I have made some great memories there with some great friends.

  2. Whenever my husband and I travel, we try to go check out some of the local microbreweries – Colorado is one of our favorite states for travel and beer!

  3. My favorite beers have been in Belgium. Soooo good. They truly make creating beer a craft. Guess it’s all those monks, recognizing that drinking good beer can be a religious experience!

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